Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Volvo S80 Bags Chauffeur Approval And New Business Appraisal

Since its arrival in the United Kingdom in the previous year, the new Volvo S80 luxury sedan distinctive characteristics of Scandinavian design and innovative technology has captivated the soft spot of the Europeans. As a fact, the sedan has earned positive feedback from executive chauffeur drivers and customers in the automaker's VIP test drive offer.
The five-day test drive is aimed at offering Europeans the opportunity to experience the improved levels of ride quality, comfort and passenger space. The car's features are specially designed to meet the needs of modern-day customers. And these features are flaunted in the said test drive offer.
The Tristar Worldwide Chauffeur Services, a company which runs the largest luxury chauffeur fleet in the UK, has added to its 550-strong Volvo fleet by recently taking delivery of 250 new Volvo S80s. Managing director Dean de Beer said, "Our customers trust Tristar to deliver them safely and promptly to their most important engagements in comfort and luxury. Volvo is the vehicle supplier we choose year after year to deliver the quality and consistency of service that our clients have come to expect."
According to one of Tristar's longest-standing Executive Chauffeurs, Peter Solomon, the new Volvo S80 is winning praise from both driver and passengers. "Part of my job involves driving for long periods of time, so the comfort of a vehicle really enhances my job satisfaction. There are noticeable improvements in the vehicle handling and my passengers have also commented on the quality of the interior of the vehicle, and the exceptionally smooth ride," he explained.
The automaker's research found that spending an extended period of time with the Volvo S80 really helps customers appreciate the true benefits of this luxurious saloon. Company car drivers can now experience the entire S80 range with Volvo's new and already admired VIP demonstrator offer. With said offer from the automaker, a new S80 can be delivered to offices anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales for a five day test drive.
"The S80 is a true competitor to other European and Japanese luxury sedans," said Anne Belec, the President and CEO of Volvo Cars North America. "This recognition by the editors of AutoMundo is significant, and reflects our belief that Volvo is worthy of consideration in this very competitive segment."

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