Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tracking System for Returnable Shipping Platforms - Operation and Benefits

The use of a tracking system for returnable shipping assets is the ideal solution for managing shipping effectively. The use of returnable creates and totes for shipping has already been proven to be cost efficient. However, regulations require companies to track these accurately for the purpose of accounting and preparation of balance sheets and income statements in particular. This is where the tracking software comes in.
How does a typical tracking system for returnable shipping platforms work? The reality is that it is much more than a GPS device. Good-quality software uses different kinds of technologies including electronic file transfer, bar code and radio frequency identification as well as manual input.
As a result, a complete record for each asset is created. It includes information on all of the movements of the asset from the day it is first acquired to its location in real time. The software should be able to produce reports for any exceptions to the established shipping cycle. That way any issues can be fixed timely. You can expect a good-quality tracking system to be compatible with international standard for internal and external audit.
A tracking system for returnable shipping assess allows you to have perfect control at each individual asset at all times. This makes it possible to create pools and fleets of assets for easy and simple tracking. More importantly, you will be able to secure all creates, totes and other items in the most effective manner. Identifying problems and fixing them are two essential tasks that are made easy with the tracking software as you have the complete information about asset location at any given time.
The main benefit of using a tracking system for returnable assets is more productive management. With less effort, you will be able to track and recover returnable assets more effectively. This automatically leads to reduction in costs. You will be able to save on labor costs due to the greater productivity of the management and accounting department of your company. Your administrative costs will also be lower.
Reduction of losses is another benefit that you will enjoy when using tracking software for returnable assets. It is common for companies to lose valuable assets when they cannot keep effective track and record of them. This automatically leads to monetary losses for the company. These will be lowered to a minimum with more effective asset management.
Investing in a tracking system for returnable shipping assets is highly recommended to businesses. The size of investment can be reduced to a minimum if subscription to the system is an option.

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