Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GPS For Fleet Management - A Great Efficiency Enhancer

GPS for fleet management is a panacea for business owners as far as enhancing the benefits is concerned. GPS is an unavoidable necessity for anyone who has a fleet of vehicles and is interested in using them daily. It may seem to an average man that where does the need for GPS tracking arise when everything is going on well without it.
The answer is the innumerable benefits that are associated with GPS for fleet management. One cannot imagine how much money one can save by the judicious use of this latest technology.
You can save a lot and the first arena of saving is Insurance. Insurance companies know that vehicles which have this system introduced in them are less prone to accidents and thefts. This brings forth a positive image of your company and the insurance companies are willing to slash their charges. This alone contributes to about 15-20% savings in your bill.
Another benefit is that you are able to give improved service to your clients. If they inquire from you about their delivery, you can in an instant find out where your driver is and give your client the latest picture. This builds up goodwill and brings in more projects for you.
Yet another benefit is that you can keep a close watch on the movement of your driver. Because of this close watch he is not able to idle away time. He also cannot waver from the prescribed route and will not leave the vehicle idling for a long time. Thus, you can stop this outrageous waste of your hard-earned fuel.
You can even find out the speed at which your employee is driving. It has been well researched that fuel consumption increases considerably due to too much increase in speed. So if you are able to stop this and you have a large no. of vehicles that ply on a daily basis you can save a lot of money.

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