Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GPS Tracking For Your Truck Fleet

Global positioning system, or GPS as it is widely known consumer electronic device for road vehicles, this device was one of the most useful military inventions which made its way to the civil sector. First intended to guide bombers and missiles, it has now become the single most used navigational system around the world.
If you own a truck or a fleet of trucks, chances are you already have installed GPS trackers to your vehicles. If you have not, you will most certainly reconsider and decide to buy one before you have reached the end of the article.
So why should you get a GPS system?
First reason is the obvious one - to use it as a navigational aid. The time saved by using GPS is so much that the system will repay in days or weeks.
But except for the most obvious reason, there are many others. How about the new GSM network connected GPS tracking systems? You will receive the coordinates of your vehicle or vehicles in nearly real time. The benefits of such option range from tracking a stolen truck, allowing the owner to have the exact location of the stolen property moments after the theft is noticed and notify the police with exact coordinates, to real time fleet management. The drivers, knowing they are being constantly monitored, do not drive wildly, take dangerous routes to get to their destination faster or stop for the night on dangerous locations, meaning your precious cargo is as safe as possible and you always know where it is.
GPS real time tracking also allows the data to be stored for later analysis, allowing the maintenance crews to know the exact mileage and plan the preventive maintenance works needed accordingly, saving a lot of time to the managing stuff to take care of more important matters. All the operational costs will be cut down, as less problems will happen en route, prevented by timely reaction of your service technicians, allowing you to maximize profit, so important in times of global crisis.
And last but not least, think of the benefits for you public image, if you are able to tell each customer when the cargo will be delivered with accuracy whittled down to hours and possibly even minutes. Bear in mind you could also grant access to your tracking system through some kind of programming interface, allowing your important clients the ability to track and plan the deliveries on themselves. The satisfied customer will always return to use your services again and again, this integration could also save you money in the long run in staffing costs.
Larger companies may require that you have such system in place in order to work in partnership with them, and this demand for seamless integration coupled with accurate timings is likely to increase with time, so its worth considering this technology as an essential part of your fleet, keep ahead of the competition and ensure your stock and vehicles are safe at all times.

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