Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Different Types of Satellite Tracking Devices

GPS, otherwise known as Global Positioning Systems, has advanced in several ways over the years and has revolutionized how many businesses do business, such as tracking their shipments, doing different types of research, and even how some people go on vacation. There are several types of satellite tracking devices that are on the market now. You can find personal electronics as well as different types for vehicles, and there are now even ones on the collars that are used on animals. The world of technology is always advancing, and even those who are not geniuses in this industry can benefit from how these devices can be used in everyday life. Here is a brief overview of the different types that are available.
Passive vs. Active
There are two different forms of GPS devices and they come in a wide variety of subcategories as well. The two major ones include passive and active. Passive devices are also known as GPS devices for logging and these types function by cataloging a subject's location during a segment of a trip and it then downloads the data. Active types can also be called GPS-tracking types, and these ones are the ones that will transmit data in real time, including location, all from a satellite network. It then transmits it to a computer or even a database.
Personal Types
Another satellite tracking device is a personal device. These tracking devices are compact and usually small and come with batteries built right in. These versions are mostly used for vehicles in some cases as well as properties, animals, and people. An example of a personal device is a cell phone, and the tracking devices in them are common and used for several different reasons. Many cell phones now are using these forms of GPS tracking. These are commonly used and operate through something called tri-lateration. This is simply a set of calculations that are based on a position which is near a cell phone tower or even a GPS satellite.
Devices for Vehicles
Vehicle devices are great for tracking vehicles and their locations. If you run a business, this is going to be beneficial for keeping track of your drivers and where your products are. Vehicles are tracked while they are moving, and they will come wired in the vehicle already. Some come as separate units that you have to buy. Typically, hard-wired devices will come under your dashboard and also come with a small antenna that is on the outside. There are several different functions that these devices can perform and include things like idling the vehicle's engine, turning off their lights, giving directions, and even monitoring how the vehicle is performing.
You can even find satellite tracking in watches. These are another type of personal GPS device that is found in passive as well as active satellite methods. In previous years, watches like this were on the bulky side, which made them impractical to use, but there are several recent models that look and feel as light and stylish as a regular wristwatch. Satellite tracking has evolved in a variety of ways, and whether you want a device for personal use or business use, there are several types you can choose from.

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