Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vehicle Safety and Convenience Technologies Reduce Risk And Make Companies More Profitable

In this growing technology age, a company can take advantage of several solutions to protect drivers, customers and the companies bottom-line. GPS, Parking Aids, Navigation, Bluetooth & Back-up Cameras products are the fastest electronics needs in the Fleet Industry today. A risk manager needs to take careful consideration of what will benefit the driver and the company without adding an unnecessary distraction. The cost ratio of whether the expense of the product will justify reducing risk, liability and expenses is another important factor when considering an electronic solution.
The electronic products versus the older 'non- electronic products' has changed the way we do business and manage the Fleet. GPS and Navigation allows the driver and company to manage the route and become more efficient and profitable. No more city map to page through or employees stating I am working when in reality they are hiding at the local fast food restaurant.
Hands-free products mandates is growing and will continue to increase per state. How many times have you seen the video of the bus driver texting and then rear ending the car in front of him on the national news? Humans will not change 'especially employees' and will do what they want instead of what is best for the company. Bluetooth devices assist the driver to focus the 'eyes' on the road which is where they need to be. Another new product is an electronic 'text & phone block' device that will block texting & phone usage while driving which is another great solution.
The highest percentage of accidents is a back-up accident. Vehicles are not designed to go backwards they are manufactured to go forward. The blind zone of a vehicle can vary and it is not just the larger vehicles that have limited view 'all vehicles have a blind zone'. Back-up cameras are a visual solution to assist the driver but are only effective when the driver is looking at the monitor. Back-up sensors are always working so you keep your eyes scanning on the side mirrors as you maneuver the vehicle in reverse gear. The best of both worlds is a system that combines the rear camera with rear sensors so you can have a visual and audio notifications.
No matter how large or how small your fleet is you should consider an electronic solution based on your companies needs. Look for proven companies and products and not the cheapest solution for protecting your vehicles and reducing the risk of your company. One accident or situation make cost your company $500 or $500,000.

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